Manipal University plants over 200 saplings on World Environment Day

Planting saplings and sharing messages to save planet Earth was the highlight of Manipal University’s World Environment Day (WED) celebrations at End Point on June 5, 2014. Hundreds of students of the University and from the schools affiliated to the Academy of Higher Education and Dr. T. M. A. Pai Foundation took part in the programme. “Over 200 saplings were planted today and in all, about 2000 will be planted this year,” said, Mr. Jai Vittal, University’s Estate Officer.

Ramdas pai

Prior to the programme at End Point, a rally by the students was flagged of by Dr. Ramdas M. Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University, from the main building of the University. The rally culminated at End Point.  In his WED message, Dr. H. Vinod Bhat, Pro Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, dwelt on this year’s theme, “Raise your voice, not the sea level.” “Climate has been changing ever since Earth came into existence,” he said and added, “It is not something new. However, the drastic changes in the last few decades and the pace of change are alarming”.
“It is alarming to the extent that it can bring about the extinction of several species of animals. One of the first things that can happen with changes in the climate is the melting of ice in the Arctic because of global warming and that can lead to a rise in the level of sea water which in turn can submerge low lying countries and islands,” Dr. Bhat added.
“With this fear in mind, the parliament of Maldives met under water on October 5, 2009 to focus the world attention on the importance of rising sea level, which can endanger countries like theirs. Even a rise of three feet can sink the archipelago. Therefore, the Maldivian exercise was to draw world attention to a possible grave situation which can be created by global warming,” he noted. He also said that the Parliament meeting under water to send out a message was well-received by the world, the policy makers and all others who matter.

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Lahiri, a class seven student of Vasudeva Kripa Vidyamandir School, Bailoor, Udupi gave a brief message on why 5th of June was a special day and why the world celebrated WED on this particular day. She appealed to the gathering to create mass awareness and protect the environment to make the world a better place to live in.

Dr. G.K. Prabhu, Registrar of Manipal University, gave the opening remarks and thanked all present for the programme. Dr. Suma Nair, Student Affairs Director of Manipal University thanked the participants and urged the students to take the WED message back with them and create awareness of keeping the environment free from pollution.

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