Rajeev Suri’s elevation as Nokia Chief fills Manipal University’s cup of joy to the brim

With Rajeev Suri being named the new chief executive of Finnish telecommunication gear maker Nokia, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal University has more reason to celebrate.

A 1989 batch Electronics and Communication graduate of MIT, Rajeev was tipped to take over as the CEO almost a month ago when Nokia was finalizing sale of its mobile business to Microsoft. Now that the deal is sealed and Rajeev named CEO there was rejoicing on the University campus, MIT in particular, as the word went viral on April 29, 2014. With students preparing for their upcoming exams next month, this was, indeed, the most glorious piece of news after Satya Nadella’s elevation as head of Microsoft on February 4, 2014.

Satya is just a year senior to Suri at Manipal Institute of Technology. Both graduated in Electronics and Communication. Both went through the same grind and walked through the same corridors. Today, both are heading top companies of the world clearly indicating that Manipal Institute of Technology is as good an engineering institute as any in the world.

“Satya and Suri provide strong testimony to the fact that at MIT the emphasis is on holistic development of students. Students who leave the portals of this engineering institute are quality products. Therefore, it is no coincidence or accident that these two MITians have made it big,” said the Director of MIT, Dr. Vinod V. Thomas.

An overjoyed Director quipped; “Two of the Top Fourtune 500 companies being led by MIT alumni is indeed a noteworthy achievement. These are not merely fortuitous events but the result of the multicultural ambience and professional outlook provided by MIT, Manipal for the holistic development of its students.  MIT congratulates Suri on his achievement and wishes him success in his new endeavor.

Simantika Mohapatra, VI semester (E&C) student said, “This is time for celebration which MIT and India witnessed. In three months, we see two CEOs of leading companies. And I can say, year 2014 will, perhaps, be the most rewarding year with two MITians reaching the zeniths of their career. He has set a goal for all of us at MIT”.

Shashank Sarbada, VIII semester (Mechanical) student said; “It is a matter of great pride for us at MIT that yet another alumnus has taken charge as CEO of a technology giant. I find it most motivating to know that the former students of MIT are blazing such glorious trails. It reaffirms our faith in this institution. It will make us strive to match, if not surpass, the footprints of our seniors”.


Rajeev Suri is third from right in the last row in this 1989 batch photograph.

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